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Travel Vocab Words In Spanish

Students are instructed to complete the following 3 tasks so they get plenty of practice using the vocabulary1. The subway spain el metro.

Spanish Airport And Travel 18 Vocabulary Ids El Aeropuerto Vocabulary Words Vocabulary Spanish

La pista de aterrizaje.

Travel vocab words in spanish. El juego Match. Talking about the bathroom in Spanish is an essential part of travel and everyday life in any Latin American country. La salida la llegada.

Where are you going. El auxiliar de vuelo la azafata flight attendant. Basic Spanish Travel Vocabulary Spanish Numbers Spanish for Emergencies Many More Spanish Travel Phrases.

This Spanish AirportTravel Crossword contains 30 Spanish airport and travel vocabulary words plus corresponding Spanish to English and English to Spanish vocabulary lists. For a more complete list of Spanish phrases grab your copy of the Spanish Phrasebook by My Daily Spanish. When traveling to Spanish speaking countries knowing or attempting to learn the local Spanish shows a respect towards the local culture.

ID papers ID documents. One part is dedicated to the terms which you will use as a traveller such as modes of transport accommodation and travel documentation. Intermediate Spanish vocabulary.

La aerolínea airline. Boarding pass card. Queue here wait here.

Planes trains and automobile vocabulary Learn with flashcards games and more for free. El deporte Sports. La natación Swimming.

El billete de avión. La almohada pillow. Speak Your Mind in Spanish.

You can go far with some very easy-to-remember travel phrases and words. Make your travel hassle-free with this e-book that covers all possible scenarios while traveling in a Spanish-speaking country. In this section which is dedicated to Spanish travel vocabulary you will find two parts that we have put together for you to browse.

In the second part you will find the names for different countries and cities in Spanish ideal for those of you who want to tell your Spanish. This list of useful Spanish travel phrases will help you navigate your way through some common scenarios--whether youll be traveling in Spain Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country. El asiento seat.

El fútbol Soccer. El la deportista Athlete. Sports Spanish Vocabulary.

Learn with flashcards games and more for free. El equipo Team. Spanish vocabulary for traveling.

Los documentos de identidad. Yo quiero yo no quiero yoh kee-AYR-oh yoh noh kee-AYR-oh I want I dont want. How do you ask about flight times or where to find a taxi.

El campeonato Championship. La aduana customs. El detector de metales.

La pelota Ball. El boleto ticket. El avión airplane.

Being surrounded by a foreign language can be challenging but having these common Spanish questions and expressions on hand will make it easier. You will want to be aware of differences in terminology when. Spanish Travel Phrases Cheat Sheet.

Basic Spanish Travel Vocabulary for Many Uses. That sure was a big list of Spanish vocabulary words. El fútbol Americano Football.

Departure arrival. Its got all the phrases you need to survive---and even thrive---in a Spanish-speaking environment. La fila la cola.

Billetes monedas plata scuba diving. The bathroom is more than a place to do your business From showering and shaving to putting on makeup and clothes this room is used for a slew of purposes. You can always use I want I like and Do you have and if you do not know the noun you can simply point at the object.

El aeropuerto airport. A Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Bathroom in Spanish. Alinearse aquí esperar aquí.

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