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Travel Restrictions Between Switzerland And Italy

The entry ban includes travelers arriving from the United States. The country launched a new test offensive in early April and began scaling up the.

Switzerland Parts Of Germany Italy And Austria Added To Coronavirus Quarantine List The Local

ENTRY RESTRICTIONS Austria currently restricts the entry of most travelers arriving from outside the European Union or the EEA Switzerland Andorra Monaco San Marino the Vatican or other low risk countries and territories listed in Annex A of the COVID-19 Entry Regulation to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Travel restrictions between switzerland and italy. They include people with Swiss citizenship permanent residents or valid visa holders returning to Switzerland as well as transit passengers who connect to other flights. However it is compulsory to wear a mask in both enclosed and outdoor areas that are accessible to the public such as public transport including train platforms and bus and tram stops markets and busy pedestrian areas and where the number of people prevents the necessary social distancing from being observed. The Federal Office of Public Health provides a regularly updated list of countries defined as COVID-19 risk area.

As things stand now while travel restrictions have been somewhat relaxed tourism between the two countries is still not allowed. The removal of travel restrictions from Italy to some countries does not exclude that these countries may still impose entry restrictions. The new set of rules will remove the ban on domestic travel between regions in the lower-risk yellow zone and will allow people to move between higher-risk regions using a new domestic travel pass.

Italys government has announced that it will relax some of the current coronavirus restrictions within the country from April 26th under a new emergency decree. There are also specific restrictions in Madrid and surrounding areas including bars restaurants and hotels closing at 2200 and public gatherings limited to six people. Travel within the Swiss cantons is not subject to any restrictions.

Travellers from the United States are permitted to enter Switzerland in some circumstances. Switzerland adopts its own national classification of risk areas hence travel restrictions for Switzerland are not based on the common EU Traffic Lights map. Entry Restrictions Under Italian law travel to and from these countries is permitted without the need for a specific reason subject to the limitations set out in Italy at regional level.

Switzerland has further relaxed its Covid-19 restrictions despite infections continuing to rise gradually. Anyone travelling from France to Switzerland must quarantine for 10 days if they are coming from any of nine French regions plus the overseas territories. If a country is on the list this includes all of its areas.

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