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Ancient Egypt Travel Brochure Examples

There is a scaffold frame so pupils can produce their own realistic hotel brochures. This lesson can be used for a wide range of social studies and history topics.

Ancient Egypt Adventure Egypt Travel Egypt Africa Travel

Egypt Brochure for Sherwoods class.

Ancient egypt travel brochure examples. You will also create a section of your brochure outlining the major landmarks and historic sites to an ancient traveler. Download Ancient Egypt brochure design templates today. These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock T.

Ancient Egypt Travel Brochure. Below Ancient Egypt is the topic of choice but the lesson will be easy to adapt to cover topics ranging from Prehistoric Times to modern-day. After watching a movie on Ancient Egypts geographical content and major characterisitcs of that era the student will create a travel brochure containing an overview of its geographical characteristics at least two reasons for visiting one major attraction and a digital illustration representing Ancient Egypt.

The Valley of the Kings. Detail 3 Detail 2 Detail 4 Ancient Egypt travel Brochure project. It allows students to be creative as well as demonstrate their knowledge of Ancient Egypts geography religion pharaohs social classes and achievements.

This Ancient Egypt travel brochure is great for an end of unit project about Ancient Egypt. Visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt - Travel Addicts. Aswan and the temples of Abu Simbel.

Ancient Egyptians thought it important to record information on religion and government and thus invented a type of picture writing called hieroglyphics. About Business Card Open Collection Buy Install Share. Zachary Nelson 0.

This will capture the ancient travelers eye and make himher want to open your brochure to find out more about ancient Egypt. Come Visit Us in Ancient Egypt. There are also images included for pupils to add images to make their persuasive holiday work look authentic.

Mar 31 2017 - Once your students have done their research have them apply their knowledge with these travel brochures that take you back to the Ancient Civilization of their choice. About Business Card Open Collection Buy Install Share. Sam Eames Gabby Rovito Nick Gatti Pranav Bonnie Beverly The Fascinating History of Egypt Old Kingdom.

Each fold should represent one of the topics below. In the Middle Kingdom the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt as a regent for her stepbrother Thutmosis III. Fun Facts About Ancient Egypt.

Later on an easier way of writing was created called Demotic script. Extension task - there is an example of an Egyptian holiday brochure again written to demonstrate genre features and persuasive techniques. The two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt were united by Menes who became the first pharaoh of Egypt Middle Kingdom.

Luisa Smith 0. May should take a look at these - These Secret Netflix Codes Will Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Genres. Traders hawk their wares in the dusty bazaars.

Persuading an ancient traveler to take a trip to Egypt. Audio Not Supported Video Not Supported Plaintext 6516 Terms Of Service. The Pyramids of Giza the sole survivors of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.

Audio Not Supported Video Not Supported Plaintext 10724 Terms. Boats wend their way down the waters of the Nile. Pyramids rise above sun-baked sands.

13 Days from Cairo 21 Feb 2022 20 Days from Amman Jordan 14 Feb 2022 Egypt has held the imagination of travellers for millennia with its ancient civilization and stunning monumentsThe great Nile River is the artery that brings life to the desert and has enabled the Egyptian civilisation to flourish. Each of our Ancient Egypt brochure templates is ready for edit and print. Select ten important facts to include in the brochure.

This travel brochure will contain six sections. This will tell a traveler about historic sites like the Pyramids Great Sphinx Valley of the Kings andor other important places found in ancient Egypt. The Sphinx stares unblinking into a relentlessly blue sky.

This was also invented by Egyptians so they were able to preserve history beliefs and ideas. Egypt Brochure for Sherwoods class. Detailed map of Ancient Egypt list of major cities list of landmarks with visual images information about languages spoken facts about the government.

Ancient Rome Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece and Ancient China are the focus civilizations in this pack. A rubric for the project is also included. Create a realistic travel brochure of Egypt.

It should include a creative slogan and an. Ancient Egypt Travel Brochure. The lotus-columned temples of Luxor and Karnak.

Some possible facts which can be included. Ancient Egypt travel brochure Materials Needed library or Internet access Microsoft Publisher optional The Lesson Note. Strung along the Nile these monuments have drawn visitors for centuries.

In many ways Egypt seems timeless unchanging. Travel Brochure of Egypt.

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